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Stayin' Alive

Posted on Fri Jul 17th, 2020 @ 12:05am by Dr. Moira Dun & Captain Clayton Stanton

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Infirmary

Clayton, begrudgingly, decided to make his way towards the sickbay and infirmary. Despite the annoyance toward keeping someone who attempted to kill him alive, it could end up proving useful. She could share information about why she was aboard, or who she worked for. Or, at the very least, why she wanted him dead.

Clayton silently hoped that the doctor, whatsername, was to be found. He paused for a moment in the corridor, trying to remember her name. But to no avail. He had met quite a few people in the last few days, and now he was drawing a blank. Whoops.

He headed toward the doorway, pausing before entering to tap his knuckle against the bulkhead. "Anyone home?," he asked hesitantly.

Moira looked up at the sound of the tap, with perhaps more surprise than was due. She had been in the middle of reorganizing the infirmary. If she was going to be stay here for some time, she might as well put all the equipment where she was used to it, so she didn't have to go searching for everything all the time.

"C-come in," Moira said with a slight, shy, stutter, reaching up to place the spare box of syringes that she had been sorting through back in the top shelf of a cabinet.

He took a quick glance about the room, noticing the change of equipment location with a small smirk. He wouldn't have thought to keep the gauze there...right. Back on task. He gave her a small nod. "I trust you're settling in?" He paused for a moment, then continued. "How's our guest?"

"She's alive." Moira closed the cabinet, to turn back towards the captain. She couldn't help but to hold herself a touch apprehensively, despite the naive persona she was trying to display. "Stable." The doctor shrugged.

Clayton nodded. "I trust we're not going to lose her to infection before she can be useful." As much as he felt slimy saying those words, it was a sheer fact that she held information that could affect those aboard.

Moira hesitated just a bit. She was never the sentimental sort, but she did respect the Hippocratic oath. She wasn't saving this woman just because she was useful, but she couldn't deny that the woman was, and so why not make use of what she could know? "Of course not," Moira said. "And she should be waking up soon... sooner if I lower her painkillers."

Clayton shrugged. "Keep her doped, just so long as she's lucid enough to do some explaining."

"Can do. Can do." Moira glanced over at their "patient". Then she frowned, just slightly. She could use some "explaining" too, but it was the Captain who held most the answers for her. "Listen," she said after a moment. "I don't know what's going on here, but I don't want to get wrapped up in crime, or politics, or whatever this is. I'm not a fighter. I'm just a farmer, trying to find myself a home."

Clayton gave Moira a once-over, eyeing her with skepticism. "It's fairly clear that you're not just a simple farmer. However, it's not my goal to be wrapped up in any sort of major crime or politics, either. I move cargo, and passengers. And I do it damn well. That's the reputation that I've built up. And the one I intend to keep."

Moira glanced back down towards the patient, keeping her gaze away from the Captain. She had previously decided that not asking questions would be her best bet. After all, some knowledge was dangerous to know. Ever since that speech however, and after her discussion with Ayla... well, if she was going to be a part of this she needed to be informed to make the best decisions. Was he her enemy, to be withholding information like this?

Carefully, the doctor took a few steps towards the vitals monitor. She had a quiet, concentrated look on her face. This was the face she was used to wearing, the one she had grown so used to in the military and med school. She didn't trust the Captain. But trust was never a prerequisite for work. After all, how many of the men she worked on in the Alliance were just like him? Intentionally vague, valuing reputation above communication... "You wanting to speak to her now, or...?"

He simply nodded. Taking a moment, he walked over to a com panel, opening a ship channel. "Ayla, can you join us in the Infirmary, please?"

Hearing that, Moira let out a small sigh of relief. She liked Ayla; and she was silently glad to not be stuck here alone with the Captain and a strange, mysterious patient. And so Moira worked on preparing the patient a bit while she waited for the other woman to arrive.


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