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Freedom in the Skies

Posted on Sun Jun 28th, 2020 @ 12:13am by Lilly Underwood & Captain Clayton Stanton & Ayla Seton

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Warehouse

Figuring out which ship to book passage on was pretty easy. Any ship that docked in Persephone had unique physical markers and digital communication quirks that made them fairly easy to identify. More so if locals were used to seeing them.

Lilly did not know how much Persephone locals knew of Geronimo, but she was a Walkabout-class hauler listed on the manifest of docked ships in the port office.

After a brisk walk to her loft, Lilly packed, downloaded the base schematics of the Walkabout ships to her cortex pad, and changed into a worn-in set of jeans, navy peacoat, and holstered her gun behind her back - where her coat more than covered it.

After one final look, Lilly left the messy, leaky room that had been her home the last four months. She grabbed her duffle, garment bag, and her messenger bag and departed the smelly shanty.

Several minutes later, Lilly found the right warehouse Geronimo was docked in. No one was about yet, so she stood by a loading dock, reading the map layout of the ship.

Only when folks began to move in and out of the ship, did Lilly take this as a sign that it was time to board - or at least book passage. She stowed away her pad in her black messenger bag and approached with the rest of her things in her arms.

Clayton found himself standing on the end of the ramp, almost out of habit at this point. Though it wasn't the place he'd normally be, it seemed best in order to keep an eye on the comings and goings of the ship. Also an unexpected turn.

That's why, as opposed to drawing on the unexpected visitor, he merely turned his gaze in her direction. "Can I help you?"

"Lookin' for a ship ta book passage an' travel on," Lilly answered instantly. "Not many Walkabout's in tha skies. So... not hard to get your ship's name from tha main port."

Clayton raised an eyebrow. "I didn't put us on the passenger boards..." He paused, before shaking his head. He looked over his shoulder, glancing into the hold. "Ayla! C'mere."

Luckily for Clayton, Ayla just happened to be making her way down the stairs when he yelled out her name. Oddly enough, it was probably the loudest she'd heard the man speak thus far. But she was intrigued. And then she realized she wasn't alone. Ayla tucked her hands into her pockets as she joined them at the end of the ramp, "Cap'n?"

Clayton gestured towards their visitor. "You didn't happen to put us on the boards, did you?"

Shock registered across her face as she glanced from Clayton to the ...girl. That was probably one of the most ruttin' questions she'd been asked. But then again, Captain didn't know her all that well, either. Blue eyes shifted back to touch on his face, "Nope."

"A lot of marshals roam the docks and 'round warehouses on occasion due to escalated gang wars," Lilly explained. "Your ship aint a common class makes birth here. So likely one of them knew tha markings of your hull, an' let Customs know you arrived."

Clayton quirked an eyebrow in response. "Gai Si (damnit). As if we don't have enough headaches. Ayla, figure this one out. Let me know what you decide." With that, he turned and headed back to his cabin.

Lilly looked to Ayla now, her billfold in her hand as if ready to book passage.

Blue eyes trailed after the captain as he walked away leaving Ayla there to deal with another person. Hadn't she peopled enough today already? She let out a sigh and turned back to the young girl, er...woman. How int he gorram hell was she supposed to figure out if he wanted another passenger or not? Ayla glanced from the billfold in her hands back up to her face, "Where ya wantin' to be goin'?"

"I ain't picky. Just wanna see other planets an' see space some," Lilly answered nonchalantly.

Ayla thought it the girl's answer seemed reasonable enough. It weren't like there was a dire need to pick picky about just who they let onboard or anything. For all she knew this could be another one of Mr. Fancy-Pants shenanigans. "What's your name?"

"Lilly Underwood," the stranger replied instantly. "I would prefer a private room, for which I can pay extra for. But if that's not an option, I will make do."

A quick glance over her shoulder while she pondered over the room situation. Figured that the kid would be moving up to crew quarters since he'd worked so splendidly on getting them up and running. And tweedle dumb and tweedle dee...they were hired on as crew. That left Moria and.... Millie was still laid up, recovering. "I'm thinking that can be arranged." Ayla answered, turning her blue gaze back to the younger woman...girl? Was she running from something or to something? Either way it didn't right matter as long as she could pay, right? She quickly spouted off a number and waited.

"Ya want the fare now?" Lilly asked as she went through her wallet.

"I think the Cap'n would be appreciatin' such." At least she hoped so. This wasn't the sort of things she was good at, but she had to earn her own keep, and do her job.

"I'm familiar with the layout of this class of ship," Lilly said as she handed the First Mate the fare. "Just tell me where my dorm room is and I can settle in."

"Right." She stated quite simply. "I'll show you."

Lilly gave a nod and followed the first mate inside the ship.


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