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The Dreams - Will they ever end?

Posted on Sat Dec 21st, 2019 @ 6:08pm by Chin Yee

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Persephone, warehouse district
Timeline: A couple hours after Alden left

He could feel his heart pounding in his head, though could not hear anything, yet see gray columns pass near him in the darkenss. From time to time things would hit him in the face and body, but gave way. He felt more movement now, as if moving quickly, running, panting, pouding in his chest. His senses were coming alive, exhausted.

He realized that he was running, running past trees. Looking up, he glimpsed pinpoints of light in the dark canopy above, between the trees, running, chest pounding as he ran past the many trees.

He came to a sudden stop. There were no more trees. Darkness was all about him. Looking down he could barely make out the tall grass coming up past his knees. The darkness seemed to swirl. It had to be fog he realized, barely visible, illuminated by the dim light in the sky from behind him. He turned to see a gloomy light high and behind him, blocked by so much fog and uncertainty.

A blast of cold air pushed him a step back. Looking again, ahead of him was an expanse of grass to a tree-line in the far distance. The sky above was now full of bright stars. A galaxy stretched across the blackness above him. He could now clearly see the fully lit moon in the sky behind him. Unfortunately, that was when he saw all the movement of small lights among the bases of the trees behind him at a distance. He could now hear the crashing of sticks and sounds of people behind him increased in volume and they were coming toward him, no doubt searching for him.

Running again, across the expanse of the open field, he asked himself, ‘Can I reach the other side in time? Will they catch up to me?’

His heart was pounding again, thrumming in his ears. There was nothing he could do but run. No other options, but could he continue? Would he collapse before reaching the other side?

Then, the ground opened up and he was falling, tumbling head over heels, with nothing to grab as the wind rushed past him in utter darkness.

After a time, which had seemed endless, he was in total darkness. He couldn’t tell if he was still falling or floating or . . . dead.

Chin then opened his eyes to find himself in the warehouse lying on some small crates with a crick in his neck. He looked around and saw Jonas, but that was all. He looked at his chrono and found that it had only been a couple hours since he had been waiting. He knew it might be another hour or more, by what the Man in Red had informed them.

Moving about trying to find a more comfortable position, Chin then closed his eyes once more, but hoped this time that he didn’t have that dream again. It had come to him too many times in the last year or so. He thought, Will they ever end?


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