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Warehouse Waiting

Posted on Mon Dec 2nd, 2019 @ 12:03am by Chin Yee

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Persephone, Warehouse District
Timeline: Dark/Before Geronimo arrives

Chin got a sense from Jonas that he didn’t want to talk. And he got the feeling that he was going to be here for a few hours, so Chin walked over to where some small crates were stacked and found a comfortable position, in slinging his backpack off one shoulder as he did. The pack came to rest on a crate between his feet. Looking through the opening of his bag, Chin came to slowly perceive that this was all he owned. All that he was responsible for. All that would support him. It was a lonely feeling. He knew that some might be thrilled by the independence, the lack of control placed upon them, but for some reason the feeling of desiring that exterior control was comforting. A comfort from the unknown, he thought.

The oriental man reached in the bag and extracted a liter of water and took a drink. He knew it would be a while and also needed something to keep him awake. From a small bag he pulled out a bit of klaw-bark placing it in the corner of his mouth. Besides the tasty cinnamon like flavor, it had a bit of caffeine that would help keep him alert. He knew he needed to stay attentive to what might happen here. Falling asleep was his last desire at the moment.

Relaxing on the crates, he began to consider his circumstances.
There really were too many unknowns in this predicament. Chin wondered if that was the reason why Abigail chose not to enter. Chin grimaced with uncertainty. Chin didn’t know her that well and couldn’t begin to contemplate all that she was thinking through.

Thinking about the Man in Red, it was obvious to Chin that he could not trust this individual. Not outrightly. He had provided little information to make a good decision. That meant, to Chin, that he’d be gambling with his own life and the lives of others for a while if he remained. But he couldn’t just blindly disregard it. Somehow this man knew that Chin would be here. He had somehow planned it or manipulated elements to make it all come into play as it had.

The bark was shifted to the other side of his mouth as he looked up into the rafters far above him.

And Stanton. Chin had been advised to seek out ‘Stanton’. And now he knew that Stanton was the Captain with a space vessel. Things were in motion where he might become part of that crew. Chin guessed that the Man in Red had to be very powerful to manipulate situations. He must have a vast information base and large amounts of resources to make things come about to his desired plan. Chin knew that if he went through with this plan, he would become part of that vast consortium. Even the word syndicate came through his mind. Neither word gave Chin a good feeling about the final outcome of the situation.

Chin looked down, closed his eyes, and sighed. He truly didn’t like the part about being deceitful. It was not how he was raised. Yes, it was true that in the last couple years he had learned to cheat, steal, and even take lives, but never of the innocent. This deceit could cause further mistrust, suffering, and potentially death for someone, possibly his own. The Man in Red had used quite a manipulative tact of controlling all three that had entered the warehouse. Even if only one person tells Stanton the truth, all would suffer, and possibly their lives were at stake. Well, he hadn’t threatened their lives, but the income. And for that reason alone might cause one of the others to kill him, if advantageous. Chin just wasn’t sure, but then there had been very few guarantees since he began to flee for his own life. Risks had to be taken. Many had been taken. And many more will occur before his life was through.

Chin took another drink and sighed once more, not knowing what to do. For now, he thought, I will play this through and see where it leads.


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