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Posted on Fri Dec 20th, 2019 @ 11:34pm by Ayla Seton & Cassian Grimshaw

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Common Area
Timeline: Before the lights went out

It took some doing to drag the inebriated Boniface Grimshaw back to their shared bunk. Cassian's evil twin made to protest at first, but the more his speech slurred and his limbs went limp, it became little more than dragging the rucksack of potatoes back at the abbey.

Once Cassian had gotten his brother onto the rack for the night, he felt exhausted himself. It wasn't just the exertion of dragging his idiot brother away from prying eyes either. His encounter with the Companion still lingered in the corners of his mind.

Her soft skin. Her supple features. Her shrewd eyes and surprised expression.

And then there was her tantalizing offer. Tempting as it was to his banal self, the rush of carnal desire snapped Cassian out of his reverie and back to his higher self. She was a human being, one of God's children, and she deserved his respect as such.

Boney let out a repugnant snore as he shifted position on his cot.

There was no way that half the ship didn't already know about Boney's little serenade, whether by rumor or by hearing it themselves. So much for keeping low and quiet. Cassian knew he would have to address this sooner or later. Captain Stanton seemed the type to dismiss unruly passengers before their scheduled stop, atmo or no atmo.

Cassian awoke several hours later with a crick in his neck and the sound of a band saw in his ear. His brother was out like a light. A very loud light.

Pushing himself to his feet, Cassian popped his neck to the left and right before initiating a full wakeup stretch. According to his internal clock, it was early morning, yet time was completely relative on the Geronimo. It might best to head off any reprisal at the pass before Boney woke up and did anything else.

Leaving his bunk to his passed out brother, Cassian returned to the common area in search of the captain. Whom he found was Ayla, the armed woman that the captain had identified as his number two. Maybe this was providence. If he could stay in her good graces, then maybe she would help him keep the fire off of Boney's feet.

"Hello..." he said with a hint of apprehension. "Ayla, isn't it?"

She'd had another one of her dreams, another one of those nightmares. It hadn't taken Ayla long to get used to being back on a ship, something she much preferred as compared to being on a rock. But even being out in black didn't seem to curb her unconscious it seemed. There had been no sign, no anything to give her any inclination that he'd even be after her still, yet every so often those nightmares reared their ugly heads and turned her into a morning person.

At least that was what she had ready on the tip of her tongue if anyone to ask.

Thankfully though, the deck, the common area and kitchen had been cleared when Ayla made her up the stairs and started rummaging. She was seated at the little table, hot cup of some flavor of tea steeping in front of her when Shepard appeared. Ayla had never been around one of his ilk before and there he stood, her name spoken. Her blue gaze touched briefly on his face as she shifted forward to check her drink, "Yeah. Need something?"

Now that he had her attention, Cassian found himself at a loss for words. He dry-swallowed to fight against cotton mouth. "Um... I'd like a word with you if I can. Have, uh, you heard about my brother? By now I reckon you did." He took a cleansing breath, remembered the conviction from his vespers, and started again with a more confident tone. "I've got him asleep in our bunk, and I just wanted to offer my assurances that he won't be no bother."

Had she heard about his brother? Of course she’d heard about his brother. She’d also heard his brother. There had been no not hearing when he’d belted out a song in attempt to romance Kat. Ayla only nodded, keeping her thoughts about that matter to herself. Oddly enough. Maybe it was because he was a Shepard. Glancing back up, her blue gaze settled on Cassian. “Ain’t gonna shoot him for serenadin’. Unless maybe you’re thinkin’ he needs a talkin’ to?” Not that she was looking forward to that. Was that part of her job?

"No," Cassian said carefully. Honestly. Mostly. "At least, not right now. But if there's ever a time he needs talked to, I'm just asking you to let me be the one to do it."

Ayla figured he had a point. He wanted to be the one to chat up his brother about staying on the right foot, then that was fine by her. Unless Captain Stanton said otherwise. Dropping her gaze, she shifted back in the chair, crossing her arms, “Sounds a’ight by me. Unless the Cap’n says otherwise.”

Then, as an afterthought, “Think’n you can keep him straight?”

The truth was painful, yet would it not set one free? "No," Cassian admitted. "But I hope I can lead him to redemption so that he can keep himself straight. Just need to keep him alive first."

It was a stressful situation. Dealing with violent folk on a crowded ship on its way to a new world where neither Cassian nor Boney had ever been was beyond stressful. There was nothing to do but keep faith. And part of keeping faith was staying busy. Keep occupied until hope comes. Not to mention it would help with their fare. "If there's any way I can be of assistance in the meanwhile, well, I'm happy to serve."

Truth of the matter, the Shepard’s honesty was quite refreshing. So much so that Ayla attempted to stifle the small smile that threatened to turn the corner of her mouth upwords. It made sense; Boney was his brother, his twin. “Noted. Though, I can’t rightly speak for the Cap’n.”

"That's kinda' the thing." Cassian gave the back of his neck a rub. "I was hopin' if the time comes and Captain Stanton is of an unfavorable mind, you might speak up on our behalf." He glanced around the room for potential eavesdroppers. "Just in case he starts thinkin' we're more trouble than we're worth."

Standing, Ayla grabbed up her cup of tea and took a small sip. This wasn’t high on her list of things to be doing, chatting with a Shepard about his troublesome twin and keeping them on the good side of Captain Stanton. “Yeah, sure.”

“If’n it comes to it, I’ll keep him from tossin’ y’all out the airlock.” She headed towards the stairs, “Or shootin’ ya.” the last bit tossed out before she disappeared from view.


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