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Hanging over

Posted on Fri Oct 11th, 2019 @ 7:30am by Alden Loxley & Abigail Preston

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Persephone - The Drunken Duck
Timeline: 08:30 Local Time

Abigail woke up with a massive headache. It took her a moment to realize where she was and with whom she was. And the flood of momentary embarrassment almost gave her a blush but this time she controlled it. Which wasn’t easy as it was very bright. She untangled herself from Alden’s arms, slowly as they fell asleep and using her super agility she leaned over him and tried to flip off the bed. Well, the hangover wasn’t helping.

With a very ungraceful thud and clap of a naked skin, Abigail landed on her ass, off the bed.

“Liu Kou Shui De Biao Zi He Hou Zi De Er Zi.“ She cursed hoarsely and coughed. Slowly she got up, found a half-empty bottle and took a swig, and then headed to the bathroom. She need a shower and a cold one.

“Don’t get up….” Complained a mostly still asleep Alden in a soft murmur as he reached out across the bed for the missing warm female body. He wanted to cuddle. “Anouk? Stay…”

Then the sound of intricate cursing sounded off in hot pursuit of a crashing body kinda sound and he was instantly awake. To see a naked lady walking away across the room - she was obviously alright - and then to open another door. Bathroom?

“Anouk!” Alden’s head thumped, but he did a swift double of the situation.

He was mostly naked - what the?! - down to just his boxer shorts and he had no memory of getting undressed. Where was he? This wasn’t…

Oh... Yeah.


A lot of booze.

And…. Abigail.

“Tzao Gao,” he murmured to himself. Had they? Did she? Vague memories of a very naked virtual stranger floated into his brain with a mixture of confusing emotions. Alden stared for a worried moment at the far wall, but nothing concrete came flooding back to him memory wise. He heard the shower start up and he padded over towards the bathroom.

“Abigail?” He asked, a little tentatively. “You okay?”

Abigail was focused on the shower, she entered the bathroom not closing the door behind. She rarely did. She was of course aware enough to register Alden calling her not by her name but at this point it seemed irrelevant.

Feeling a massive headache, like if someone was squeezing her temples in the vice, she stood under the shower and opened the water. And instantly she gasped and squealed like a teenager. It was really cold. But she needed that. In all this Abigail ignored Alden calling her by her name. She clenched her teeth and remained in place, expecting that from new sensations adding to the headache her head will explode.

But it didn’t.

Alden flinched at the sound of her scream, but stopped himself from entering the room itself. There was no steam, just the sound of water and wet, naked lady, and he wasn’t ready for Round Two of embarrassing Abigail. He stepped back further into the room to hunt for his clothes.

Maybe from the bit of alcohol she just drank, maybe from the cold water, things started to clear up. The white, blinding light regained some shadows, colors returned, and the noise levels seemed to drop a couple of decibels to the point it was still loud but bearable.

The cold water caused goosebumps on Abigail’s skin but as she got used to the temperature it was pleasant to feel the water, falling on her head and wetting her long blond hair, running down on her skin, between her breasts, on her back, and down her legs to her feet. With it went all the dirt and pain. Most of it anyway. Abigail sighed as the pleasure of all that kicked in. Abi stood like that for a few minutes before she reached for the soap and started to wash herself. She loved water, that was probably one of the things she missed the most in the black. It took her a few more minutes to finish washing and she closed the tap.

Abigail returned to the room after a few additional minutes spent on drying herself and then using some lotion that she bought to protect her skin and make it softer. While she wasn’t a companion, she certainly knew how to pamper herself and take care of her body, to enjoy the benefits of showing it off later for extra effect. As usual, she didn’t bother to dress up, natural and comfortable with her nudity, sporting her stomach bruise. She was thinking about using Chin’s ointment but decided against that, in perverse pleasure of having this mark of the latest brawl.

“The bathroom is yours if you want.” She said to Alden.

He looked up from his place sat on her bed as she walked back into the room, to see Abigail still shamelessly butt naked. Alden covered his eyes loosely with the open-fingered palm of his left hand and smiled. He was just wearing his trousers, no shirt, bare feet, hair still mussed up from the fitful drunken few hours’ of sleep.

“Brought us breakfast,” Alden said, sweeping his right hand across a pub tray that held a multitude of different sweet pastries, two bacon and egg sandwiches and a couple of mugs of black coffee. “Hungry?”

"Yes!" She smiled and her eyes went to the food.

It occurred to him then that Abigail was absolutely unconcerned to be standing (now sober) in her birthday suit. And also, about the same time, that the bruise on her belly was his fault.

“Are you alright, dangerous little naked lady?” He asked, genuinely concerned for her in that moment. “And did we… er… did we do more than snuggle?” There didn’t seem to be any point in sugar-coating that particular issue. And yes, he really wanted a shower, but he needed to know.

Abigail approached the bed and tilted her head.

"Are you asking if I am normal? Do you want me to dress up now?" She asked in reference to his first question and gave him innocent grin before asking again. "Who is Anouk?"

"Normal?" Alden stopped eating and frowned lightly at her question.

"I meant your bruise and your head," he told her and tapped his own forehead. "Lil bit hungover here. Definitely still...." Did he want her to get dressed? He asked himself. Nah, he was good if she was. Then he froze at her second question.

"Anouk?" Alden looked soulful now. "She was my wife."

Abigail didn't move and didn't say anything for a moment. She could sense there was a story behind this answer and she hesitated if she should ask about it.

"Was?" She decided to dig a bit deeper as the curiosity won. "What happened?"

"She's dead," Alden told her, simply. "She was killed in the war." A light shrug in apology for the unexpectedly depressing subject. "It was a long time ago..."

Abigail reached out and placed her hand on Alden's shoulder, gently rubbing it for a moment. A very feminine, non-sexual, and friendly gesture.

"War took many good people." She said quietly and softly. "I am sorry, Alden."

"It did." He agreed, softly. "And, thanks," he said, his voice a mere whisper around that word. It felt odd to hear Anouk's name from someone else's lips. He looked up as Abigail spoke again.

"And thank you for your interest earlier. The bruise is still sore, the head is aching, though not as much as it was before the shower." She said, took hand off Alden shoulder, and sat down on the bed. "When you'll go shower, I'll dress up." She promised and looked at the food. "But first food."

He nodded. But there was something else that had been left unanswered too.

"Dress, don't dress," Alden said, tilting his head to the rhythm of those options as a smile began to slowly return to his face. "S'all good. You have a truly beautiful body, Abi," he told her honestly. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone so comfortable being utterly naked around strangers though." Except Companions. "That ain't a bad thing," he added, and grinned easily at her as he carefully handed her one of the mugs of coffee.

Abigail took the mug in both hands and blew on the coffee gently looking into Alden's eyes flirtatiously through her eyelashes. She was considering to answer the last question he asked that she didn't answer. It was obvious from the look of his face he wanted to know. But Abi decided in her mischief not to do so it unless he asks again.

"Thank you. I was growing up in a place where I barely was wearing clothes until my early teens, and it stayed with me." She commended, snatched some bacon and put in her mouth.

She was a foxy little minx this one, Alden noted, as he let his eyes meet hers and they each drank their coffee. He raised an eyebrow at her half-answer, but didn't push. There was always more story to people than they gave you at first, and his interest was piqued to know more of this one. More about Abigail. But first? That shower. Big time.

He stood up, gave her a gentle kiss on her cheek and smiled.

"I'm gonna grab that shower," Alden said, matter of factly and he aimed himself towards the bathroom with a sheer effort of will. His head hurt. His arm hurt. But he turned around in the doorway to look back at Abigail, his nose wrinkled and his head canted to the side.

"So...." he asked, and his eyebrows raised up on the last word of his actual question. "Did we.... y'know?"

End scene.


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