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Pink drinks and No Privacy

Posted on Thu Oct 10th, 2019 @ 6:46am by Alden Loxley & Abigail Preston

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Persephone - The Drunken Duck
Timeline: 01:30hrs Local

The table was showing how much alcohol they drank by now. There was a nearly empty bottle of whiskey and several glasses left after downing various drinks, including two pink drinks per each of them. Abigail felt good... very good. The alcohol was working well. She couldn't stop smiling, giggling from time to time. She was drunk. Ray knew that too as he kept everyone outside her arm's length because she was itching to beat someone. In a fair brawl of course.

"What a shame, I don't feel that bruise." She raised her tube top to show off the big bruise she got from Alden, which by now was getting sickly violet. She reached for the bottle and poured more whiskey to the glasses.

Alden had been laughing at some comment made by a passer-by in response to Ray’s ‘boundary fence’ around them, and had pointed out that - no - he wasn’t immune to Abigail’s need to hit people. Not even a little bit. That laughter stopped instantly as she raised her top and showed her stomach again. His face dropped.

“Aw, c’mon, no fair,” Alden protested, a slight slur to his words testimony to the sheer amount of booze that he’d consumed this evening. He lifted up his t-shirt in a show of equality, then, keen to prove he hadn’t treated her unfairly, pulled the shirt over his head and threw it onto the floor.

“I don’t feel this one,” he stated with a stern look across the table at the young woman as he tapped his ribs to the left of his heart.

“Or this one,” he poked his own abs and then jabbed an index finger into his side. “This one, or,” he elongated that last word as he tentatively placed a palm over his upper left arm… “Yeah, I can still feel that one,” Alden admitted soulfully. “But that was kinda my fault. Saving you though,” he noted with a big dumb grin.

“Hey!” He announced suddenly and with great happiness as the music changed beat over on the small stage. “I wrote this one!”

Abigail raised an eyebrow looking at Alden tossing his shirt on the floor. She wasn't sure how much of that was an alcohol talking, but he was cute... handsome... with great abs... She blinked several times and emptied her glass of whiskey, pulling the bottle and pouring the reminder of what was inside to refill the glass. She sighed and decided that someone must have turn on heating or something.

But then Alden's attention moved away and Abi simply lowered her top and looked around. Feeling a bit of control creeping back in her thoughts. She would love to punch someone to clear her head. But the only one coming was Ray and she already liked him too much.

"Hey you two, I think you have enough. I need those tables here. So how about I'll give you a bottle on the house and you go upstairs, eh?" Ray said putting hands on his hips.

Abigail glanced at Alden and shrugged.

"Whatever." She said trying to sound as much uninterested as possible.

Alden turned away from the stage, absently playing an air guitar for a moment as he did. He looked up at Ray, and the two of them exchanged a lingering stare that ended when the barman flipped his foot under the discarded t-shirt and lobbed it towards the drunk patron.

“Uh…” Alden sounded confused as he peeled the shirt from his face and pulled it back over his head with a little effort and struggle. “We’re not…” He looked to Abigail, and tried - and failed - to read the expression on her face. “I dunno,” his brain was clearly struggling to do the simple maths here. “Free bottle?” He asked.

Ray nodded, sighed and started clearing some of their debris from the table.

“Yes. If you go upstairs,” he told them both. Then he aimed a stern look at Alden, paused, and turned that expression on Abigail. “That’s where people go when they start getting naked…”

Abi shook her head and stood up.

"Fine." She announced giving other patrons taunting grin and clenching her fists but no one was interested to come closer. Not that she was expecting that but she used the moment to get her bearings in the spinning world. "I'll take that bottle."

She walked between the tables and Ray sort of escorted her, staying between her and other patrons. As they moved by the table he picked a bottle of whiskey and handed it to her. Abigail nestled it and looked over at Alden.

"Are you coming?" She asked.

Alden stood up. He looked to the stage, then to Ray, then followed the passage of the bottle from barman to kick-ass blonde. He was definitely too drunk to overthink things, and it wasn’t as if he hadn’t been to her room before. So he held his arms out to his sides - partially to ensure he was balanced and partially to demonstrate his agreement - and he nodded.

“Yes.” He said decisively to the comfortably blurred image of young woman and free alcohol. Right now, they both looked awesome. He stepped around the table, took a couple of long strides and adopted the lead position up the stairs.

Abigail let Alden take the lead, mostly because she felt that increasing her own pace of walk could risk the bottle. They moved up the stairs and to the room. As they approached she pulled the key and handed it over to Alden, so he could do the honors of opening the door. She watched him and felt again the ambient temperature raising... or was it just her lustful desire. Probably that latter since he was quite hot. She was thinking about acting on the lust she felt but before she made any decision, Alden opened the door and entered the room. She flapped her lips in disappointment and moved after him, closing the door.

He’d fumbled with the key in the lock, struggling to find the perfect match with what remained of his concentration, so Alden strolled happily into the room when he finally gained entry. He grinned proudly as he turned around to check on Abigail.

"Now you can undress..." Abigail giggled and put the bottle on the table. Turning to Alden, she winked playfully, grabbed the bottom of her tube top and pulled it over her head, getting topless. She then gave Alden a flirtatious grin. Surely he would be impressed unless he was a gay...

Woa! That was unexpected... in a really good way. Say something smart and funny, Alden’s brain told him. “Boobs!” He heard himself say, but another voice shouted over the top of impish drunken Alden. The voice of reason. You’re drunk.It reminded him. She’s drunk too. Bad idea.

"What do you think of that?" She asked and kicked off boots from her feet against the wall. Then very naturally undid her daisy dukes and slipped them down. Nude, she stepped from them and approached Alden, sensually, letting her desires be visible and not holding back. She wanted him here and now.

“Jahn, Yao Nu!” Alden said out loud, grinning while his conscience yelled and stomped its feet. “Wow… Abigail… you’re….” Pretty didn’t quite cover it. “Amazing.” He breathed heavily. “And naked. You’re like really naked.” Both sides of him rallied. Conscience won. “Stop,” he told her, and he reached out as if to physically stop her advance, but there was nowhere to safely put his hands. “Abigail, stop!” He took a step backwards and felt his back rest up against the wall. “Please?”

Abigail reached out to his chest, putting her hands on him and raised on balls of her feet to kiss him.

“Abigail, no.” Alden sounded surer than he felt. He was flushed now, physically excited and definitely attracted, but also spiking adrenaline and suddenly more aware of his drunken state. “No,” He told her, as her fingers slipped under his t-shirt and touched skin. “Don’t…”

Damn, that was difficult to say. Alden struggled for a second to know where to touch her, and settled for resting his right hand firmly on her right shoulder and being real careful about that.

“Shao Jeh, stop!” He snapped as she pushed harder against him.

Abigail stopped. Even in her half-drunk state, his reaction felt a bit like a bucket of ice-cold water. She felt her cheeks getting reddish as she was standing in front of him, raised on the balls of her feet, halfway to kiss him and he was holding her… shoulder. To. Hold. Her. Back. She couldn’t even look into his eyes.

“Hey I’m…” said Alden softly, unsure if he should apologise or not. It felt… awkward. “Sorry?”

This was embarrassing for all the wrong reasons. Abigail didn’t mind her nudity when he was dressed. She didn’t even mind admitting first to her lust. But she did mind that he resisted her. Maybe she was too trusting after he gave her this nasty bruise. Seconds passed and she was confused and certainly blushing. She decided to save the situation.

“Well… haha…” Abigail laughed and moved away, to cover the blush, clapping with bare feet toward the table to pick the bottle. “Cai Bu Shi… That was unexpected…” She realized that she was babbling. “…god that is embarrassing.” She admitted to the defeat and scooped the bottle.

Alden stayed where he was, but let the wall take his weight as he leant more heavily against it. Damn, he was being good - wasn’t he? Not taking advantage of the very forward drunken lady? Yes. Good move. He didn’t know what to say to make it better though.

Not bothering to dress up, Abigail went toward the bed, got on it, and sat with her legs crossed, presenting herself pretty much for Alden, but there were no more any sexual shade in her action. She unscrewed the bottle and took couple long swigs. Then coughed as the alcohol burned her throat and added colors enough on her face to cover the blush. Only then, she dared to look into Alden’s eyes and she offered him a bottle. “Come here… I promise I won’t throw myself on your any more.” She tried to be funny but in fact, she sounded pitiful and miserable. Now she wanted to get drunk and forget about it.

He couldn’t - didn’t - look away as the stunningly attractive naked female walked away from him, or as she took her seat on the bed. Abigail was damn fine, and he’d be telling untruths if he told her he wasn’t attracted to her. But… yeah… bad idea. She was really red-faced though.

“Don’t feel bad, Mei Mei,” Alden told her, gently and directly. “S’okay.” And, unwilling and currently unable to be more poetic than that, he left it there, padded across the room barefoot and took temporary ownership of the bottle. Two big gulps of the amber liquid later, he sat down and sighed softly.

“You want me to go?” He asked, but the question was made a moot point a few seconds after it was asked as the sheer amount of alcohol in his system decided enough was enough.

Slowly, Alden lay back on the bed and with a quiet exhale, he passed out.

Abigail picked up the bottle, moved back on the bed, and leaned back against the wall watching Alden fall asleep. She flapped her lips again, feeling all the embarrassment leaving her, and took couple more swigs of the alcohol. With her system she needed a bit more to pass out. After a minute or two, she slowly shook her head and jumped off the bed. Putting the bottle on the table she started undressing Alden.

End Scene.


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