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A Slight Respite

Posted on Sun Oct 6th, 2019 @ 10:16pm by Jonas Barstow & Ayla Seton

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Persephone, Eavesdown Docks, Residential
Timeline: Immediately after Another Day at the Office, Post-launch

There was a small collection of, well, what passed as houses for the Docks, about a twenty minute walk away. They weren’t much of anything when compared to the ones in the city. But they were good for some of the dock workers as well as for people like Jonas. The only problem was things had been so bad lately that he’d had to take in a roommate to split the bills. The house wasn’t that big to start with and now it had another person and their belongings in it. Plus, Jonas found it even more difficult to keep his…job…under wraps.

The tall man opened the door, fully intent on finding the house empty. Intent and hoping, that is. He went into the side room which had become his new bedroom and dropped the satchel on the bed. He pulled a stool over to the edge and sat down.

The house had been quiet, or well, as quiet as it had been with him making a bit of noise while fixing a quick sandwich in the kitchen. At least until he heard his new roommate come in. Marcus wasn't sure just why the man had decided to take in a roommate, but hell, he'd needed a place and this was better then being out on the streets. Shoving the sandwich in his mouth he held it there and put away everything before walking over to lean against the doorjamb. Marcus took a bite speaking around the mouthful of sandwich, "Hey man, weren't expectin' ya home."

Jonas looked at the satchel and turned halfway around on the stool. "Wasn't expectin' to be back so soon. Job interview went sideways...guy said somethin' about a person with more tact. Anyway," he reached into the satchel behind him and pulled out a fresh peach, "picked some fresh stuff on the way back. Want one with that sandwich?"

"Huh." The sound escaping another bite of the sandwich was shoveled into his mouth. Tact. Who woulda thunk it. "Shi." (Yes)

Jonas grinned and tossed the peach towards his roommate. "Here ya go." He grabbed one out for himself and closed up the bag, putting under his bed. Before taking a bite, though, he said, "I s'pose we're both kinda surprised, then. I didn't expect to see you here either."

Catching the offered peach with his free hand, Marcus pushed off from the doorjamb and absently ran a thumb over the fuzzy fruit, "Thanks." Jonas was right, normally he was at work this time of the day but circumstances had sent him home, "Yeah there was some spill or some such so they sent us home. Guess workin' us to the bone is okay, but can't have us gettin' sick or what have you."

Jonas laughed after swallowing that bite of peach. "Yeah, that sounds about right for this place. Sickness means losing workers for who knows how long. Best to shut it down for the moment, clean it up, and then bring 'em back in. I'd be ready for longer days whenever they do bring you back. Gotta get that loss of profit back. And the way they look at it, ya'll have a break. Some people..."

Marcus took a bite of the peach, wiping the small drops of juice from his chin, "Yeah, well, longer day's'll mean more pay. Maybe." He lifted his head in that subtle guy single nod, "What're you doin' home?"

"Tired of lookin' for some work and bein' turned down by every tetchy shop owner what thinks he's a fancy-pants. Bunch of gorram feh feh pi goh." He paused and sighed. "Anyway... Hey, you think I could get a job on the docks where you're at?"

"Hmmm." He could certainly understand that. If it weren't for it dock job, he'd be in the same position. But lucky for him working down at the docks was just fine. "Ain't that what all shop owners think? You think you'd be up for it? Sure they'd like havin' extra hands once they call us back. Plus, extra muscle is always a plus. Want me to put in a word?"

Jonas nodded. This might actually pay off...a good front for him, so to speak. And it would give him a chance to check out the ships that came to Persephone. Maybe there would be one that'd strike his fancy for getting off world. "Yeah, go ahead and put in a word for me and we'll see what happens. Ya think I should show up that same day askin' for a job? Or give a bit? You know your bosses better than I do."

Marcus eyed the peach, the sandwich momentarily forgotten over the fresh, juicy fruit "Will do." He nodded, "Guess ya could come on in. Ain't gonna hurt that you're itching for work."

"Sounds like a plan to me, then," said Jonas, getting up from his place. "You put in the word and I'll follow about an hour later. Did they say when they'd have that spill cleaned up? 'Cause I could come by tomorrow if you're back to it."

"Should be tomorrow. Or the day after. Bettin' on tomorrow myself." Since he was a betting man.

"Alright, tomorrow it is," replied Jonas. "Finally something regular."

He nodded, pushed away from where he was leaning and heading back towards the kitchen. "Thinkin' 'bout heading out and grabbin' a few drinks. Interested?"

Jonas thought for a second. There wasn't much more for him to do that day...he'd completed his job, gotten away, and gotten paid. Pretty soon, he might even have a regular job that could put him into contact with a ship and captain that'd get him off this rock. "You know, I like that idea. It's five o' clock somewhere."


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