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Fancy meeting you here

Posted on Sun Oct 27th, 2019 @ 6:17pm by Ayla Seton & Katerina Kutsarova

Mission: Mission 1: Gearing Up
Location: Kat's Shuttle
Timeline: Day after leaving Albion

When it came down to it, Ayla had no clear idea what she was doing. But circumstances as they were, she was suddenly here on a ship with two people she had met, Captain Stanton not included, that she had stumbled upon in either hiding or running from Hodges and it goon army. And that was just a mite confusing. Such was why she found herself outside the companions shuttle, arm lifted to knock...did you knock on a shuttle? Her lips twisted as her fist made contact.

Kat had been sitting on the shuttle's long couch, a thick novel in her hands. She was nearly halfway through and looked forward to adding it to the increasing pile of finished stories she'd worked her way through over the past few weeks. She felt these readings were important to keep her mind sharp and her conversations interesting, though she had to admit she really liked them.

Her bare feet and legs rubbed together as she sat elegantly in her wispy nightgown. The garment was pale pink and understated, but was one of her favorites, especially when she was spending time alone. With the knock on her door, she raised her brow and placed the book open beside her on the plush sofa and rose to her feet. Walking daintily on the pleasantly carpeted floor of her shuttle, she pressed a bottom and waited for the door to open.

When she saw that it was Ayla, she smiled. "Thank God. I was afraid you were Boney."

She was just realizing that there was probably some control or button that she could press to let Kat know Ayla was there when the shuttle's door opened. "Do these things have door bells, or some such?" The question flying from her mouth before she turned a blue gaze to the other woman. "Hi. So. Wait.. What's a Boney?"

"A Boney is a half-hard moron who drools at me wide-eyed." Kat responded, offering a small smile. His drooling hadn't been so unusual, but there was something about him that let Kat know he wasn't going to stop. He seemed aggressive. "And yes, there is a bell. It's just not the most obvious thing in the world."

She leaned forward and pressed a small white button on the wall next to the door which was networked with the shuttle. A fluttering musical noise played on the inside and Kat made a "ouala" gesture with her hands.

While Ayla had been around plenty of folk, it was shocking to hear Kat speak like she did when describing this... Boney. Blue eyes rounded, and her mouth fell open in a silent 'oohh'. Seemed she hadn't actually met everyone on board, but there was vague recollection to some that had been in the cargo hold that could be this Boney person.

"Well." She started after recovering, blinking at the pleasant sound, "Huh."

"Anyway, no need to worry about it right now." Kat said, stepping aside. "Please come in, come in. Make yourself comfortable. How are you adjusting to life on this...ship? Do you like your room?"

She realized she was asking alot of questions, but she supposed she was a bit more excited than she would have expected. She'd been lonely the last few weeks and had left all her friends behind on the core worlds.

They questions threw Ayla for loop, not expecting them. Well, that was only a partial truth; she'd been expecting questions, just not those sort of ones. Stepping inside, blue eyes darted around, noting the differences between her room and Kat's shuttle. It was a bit more....non ship-like. Not that Ayla minded, she liked her quarters and preferred them over being stuck on some rock. "Yeah, it's good. I guess. It's a ship and I'm off Albion." She turned, eyes settling on Kat, "Was right grateful for your help you know."

"It seemed like the right thing to do." Kat answered with a smile. "Those men who were chasing you looked like they meant business. Can I get you anything? Water? Wine?"

"Water's good." She shouldn't have been surprised that Kat had wine, but Ayla wasn't much of a drinker. Actually she hadn't touched anything alcoholic in years, not since she'd done the stupid. "They thought they meant business. Mostly they were dumb as a rock and had about as much personality too."

"How ya settlin' here?"

"Well I've lived on this shuttle for months so, for the most part, the same." Kat answered as she moved over to her cooler and removed a metal pitcher. Filling a glass of water, she put the pitcher back and brought the glass to Ayla.

"But I have to admit, I feel a bit safer attached to a ship. I've heard some pretty unsettling things about people outside the core."

With a friendly smile stretching her lips, Ayla took the water and took a small sip, "Some such. But there's unsettlin people in the Core too."

"Well, I know how to deal with them." Kat said with a wink. "They can cheat you, they can intimidate you, and they can sue you. I don't think they're as bad as Reavers, though."

She paused for a moment, reflecting on what she'd said. "You don't think we'll be running into any Reavers, do you?"

"They can try'n kill you too." To Ayla, people in the core could be just as dastardly as anyone. "Ain't never really ran into any." She shrugged, "I guess it's always possible, 'an I've heard stories."

"In the core, when one lives respectfully and doesn't step on toes, obeys the government and're safe. That's what those who like rules like most about the core. Out here, it's...anarchy." Kat spoke, then paused, realizing what she had said. "No offense...I obviously want to be out here."

"Maybe." The single would said in a nonchalant agreement. Most Core folk Ayla had run into hadn't been good peoples. She still wasn't sure if Kat was good people, but the Companion had saved her behind back on Albion. There was no denying that fact. "Guess it can seem that way out here, 'specially if'n you've heard stories and such from others. Mostly it's just peachy keen." Mostly. Ayla gave a lift og her shoulders in a small shrug, "Wouldn't be here if'n you weren't wantin' to."



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