Is This the Right Step for Me?

Posted on Thu Nov 28th, 2019 @ 12:40am by Chin Yee

As Chin took those dozen or so steps toward the warehouse door. The past few minutes seemed to flash through his mind.

The unknown man in red had stepped out of the warehouse. Somehow this man had drawn them all to this place. And this man knew him by name as well. Chin asked himself, Was I even expected or wanted here? I’m not sure. To Chin the man had seemed very confident with the situation. He definitely had back up of some kind, based on the red laser-pointer dots that had been on Chin and the individuals of the group. The man had called himself ‘their’ benefactor. Chin thought, What could this mean?

Jonas had called him ‘mysterious benevolent stranger’, which brought a smile to Chin inside, fore Chin figured that was most likely in jest, but not sure.

The man in red had offered them ‘an opportunity, a job.’ Chin recalled the man’s words, ‘I just need you all in the right place at the right time.’ To Chin that seemed like they were going to be a part of a larger plan of some kind, possibly for a heist or who knows what, utilizing their individual skill sets.

However, this situation definitely didn’t seem like a hiring under duress. The man had said that they could leave. Although, he hadn’t promise for how long or how far. ‘The clock is ticking,’ Chin recalled the man saying before returning into the warehouse. This was another clue, to Chin, that the need for their skills was needed in a timely fashion.

Chin had been a bit startled by Alden’s short response before walking ahead and through the door. No conversation, no fan-fare. To Chin this seemed gutsy, yet irrational. He really didn’t know what Alden thought before leaving them.

To Chin, Jonas had seemed curious, if nothing else. It sounded like Jonas wanted some questions answered, but wouldn’t get them standing outside.

Abigail’s choice had been her own. Chin wasn’t sure of her reasoning. It could have been the uncertainties of the situation. What were the words she had used, he asked himself. Oh yes, ‘This is way above the level of complications I consider fun.’ Chin definately didn’t think any of this was going to be ‘fun’, but fun had nothing to do with him at this moment.

Before leaving, Abigail had encouraged to him to enter the warehouse. He remembered watching her move away from the warehouse. He had seen no fear in her actions, but she did look about in a way some might call cautious. Then asking himself, But isn’t that how we all have been living?

In the last steps approaching the door, Chin asked himself, Is this the right move for me? There are no guarantees of even being able to turn back once I enter, except the word of an unknown individual. He wondered if he should stop now and turn around and search harder for this individual ‘Stanton’. Thinking, No. No turning back now.

At that moment a memory and his father’s voice filled Chin’s mind. It was something his father had repeated many times over the years to him and family. It was from an ancient Chinese story, Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. But today is a gift. That is why they call it ‘the present’.

A smile came to his face as he laid his hand gently on the edge of the door. Chin wasn’t even sure how this story related to the current situation, but he was ready to take the results at face value.