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Dream A Little Dream

Posted on Mon Oct 14th, 2019 @ 3:48am by Ayla Seton

The eyes were cold, lifeless as they stared down at her. Nothing but soulless black pits that when paired with the wicked upturning of his and lips sent a shiver coursing through her slender frame. It started at the base of neck spreading downward, edging down her spine until it had sapped every bit of warmth from her. Long, dark brown locks danced over her shoulders as she shook her head. It was slow at fist, growing in both determination and fear, until Ayla realized it was useless. He was there, ebony eyes focused intently on her as if he had already began planning her torturous punishment and relishing the outcome.

Swallowing, her hand instinctively reached for her gun the pistol she kept holstered on her hip. Ayla liked it nestled there within easy reach for peace of mind. But there was no peace of mind to be had. Not here. Not now. There was no gun, no pistol and certainly no holster. Stormy blue eyes widened as fear settled into the pit of her stomach. A quick glance downward only held proof of the matter. She was indeed weaponless.

But that wasn't all it revealed. Her attire was not as it should be; gone was her usual dress of pants, comfortable shirt, and sturdy boots. Instead, a dress covered her all flowery and flowy. This was all wrong. This couldn't be right. She had escaped years ago, yet there he stood. His leering grin only grew widening sadistically as Ayla took a few steps backwards, stumbling. His hand shot out, all mangled and stained with dirt to latch itself onto her upper arm and tug.

A terrified scream froze on her lips as Ayla jerked herself awake jackknifing straight up in her bed as wild eyes scanned for the threat. Only there was none. She was safely tucked away in her bunk aboard the Geronimo. She ran a hand into her tangled locks before flopping backwards cmd staring up at the ceiling. A deep, relieved sigh tumbled from her lips as her had lulled to the side, blue eyes caressing the gun and holster resting there on the tiny table.

It had all been a dream. A nightmare. Yet, no more sleep was to be had.


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