Not quite settlin' in

Posted on Mon Aug 12th, 2019 @ 7:28am by Ayla Seton

After showing the three passengers back to their little area of the ship, Ayla made her way back into the cargo bay and hefted her bag back up over her shoulder, the hat she'd used to hide her hair tumbling down to the floor. Scooping it up, she shoved it down on her head and twisted her head upwards finally taking in more of the ship. She hadn't paid it much attention until now. Rumor had that once you'd seen one, you'd seen them all, but Ayla had to disagree. Each ship was different, even if it was more than just a different set of crew. Cool, blue eyes traveled over metal walkway overhead before she let out a quick sigh and headed towards the nearest way up. Might as well find a room to stuff herself and her things into. If she was lucky, as seeing as how things had gone over the past two days, Ayla was quite sure she had little to fret about, she'd be no where near that idiot the was supposedly a pilot.

Trudging her way up, booted feet lightly tapping against the metal as she found herself on the second deck. Though it wasn't much of a deck, moreso, well... Ayla shifted the bag, her legs carrying her over sneak to glance a glance into the first room there by the way down the the cargo bay. Either it or the next one would work, if someone hadn't claimed it already, and given it's threadbare state, it seemed to be unoccupied. Or rather, it was until she tossed her bag on the bunk, claiming it for herself.

It would do. It being everything. The quarters. The crew. The Captain. The ship. She was off, headed back out to the black and away from Albion. It would be too soon if she ever stepped foot on the place again.

Ayla let out a sigh and shrugged her jacket from her slender shoulders before tossing it atop her bag and sat on the bed only to have someone hard press into her hip. Shifting, she pulled the white tile from her pocket, turning it over in her hand and running the pads of her fingers over it's smoothness. The Benefactor. That was what the fancily dressed man with the sword had said. Who carried a gorram sword? Standing she tucked it back into her pocket, her gaze eyeing the control panel that housed the shipwide com... did she dare? This early into her job? Of course she did, but over the com. Instead she exited her new room took off in search of Captain Clayton Stanton.