Mission 1: Gearing Up

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Status Current Mission

Captain Clayton Stanton finds himself on Albion, with limited supplies, limited crew, and limited options. It's time to change that.

Start Date Mon Jun 10th, 2019 @ 1:27am

Mission Posts

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Title Timeline Location
Benefactor's Tinder-hooks
by Kindra Graham & Captain Clayton Stanton
After 'A Rough Landing' and 'Inheritance and Ashes' Eavesdown Docks, Persephone
Knockin' em Down
by Ayla Seton & Captain Clayton Stanton
Captain's Quarters, Deck 2
Off the Ground
by Alden Loxley & Captain Clayton Stanton
Directly following "Let's Get Down to Business" Cockpit, Deck 3
Inheritance and Ashes
by Kindra Graham
Just after 'A Rough Landing' Persephone
Stayin' Alive
by Dr. Moira Dun & Captain Clayton Stanton
by Lilly Underwood & Dr. Moira Dun & Alden Loxley
Passenger Dorm, Room 2
Freedom in the Skies
by Lilly Underwood & Captain Clayton Stanton & Ayla Seton
Give a little
by Ayla Seton & Alden Loxley
Sometime after Landing Geronimo:Ramp & Beyond
Nice Place You Have Here...
by Ayla Seton & Jonas Barstow & Alden Loxley
Just after the big boarding speech On Board Geronimo
What say you?
by Dr. Moira Dun & Ayla Seton
Directly after "Shopping" Geronimo: Forward Lounge
The Dynamic Duo
by Ayla Seton & Captain Clayton Stanton & Jonas Barstow & Alden Loxley
Directly after "A Rough Landing" Cargo Hold
I'm Fine, Honest
by Dr. Moira Dun & Alden Loxley
Geronimo Cargo Bay
Just Two Guys In A Galley
by Alden Loxley & Maximilian Wells
Some time not long after the Big Chat with the Captain Galley
by Maximilian Wells
Engine Room
by Dr. Moira Dun & Maximilian Wells
Eavesdown Docks, Persephone
A Rough Landing
by Captain Clayton Stanton & Ayla Seton & Maximilian Wells & Dr. Moira Dun & Jonas Barstow & Alden Loxley
Persephone, Warehouse District
Jury Rigged
by Maximilian Wells & Captain Clayton Stanton
Directly after the cargo bay confrontation Engine Room
Lights Out
by Captain Clayton Stanton & Tobias Sinclair & Katerina Kutsarova & Ayla Seton & Cassian Grimshaw & Maximilian Wells & Dr. Moira Dun & Millicent VaBrey
The Law & Other Lies
by Captain Clayton Stanton & Katerina Kutsarova
The Dreams - Will they ever end?
by Chin Yee
A couple hours after Alden left Persephone, warehouse district
To be determined
by Ayla Seton & Cassian Grimshaw
Before the lights went out Common Area
Road Snacks and Improv
by Abigail Preston & Alden Loxley
An hour after leaving the warehouse Persephone Festival
Warehouse Waiting
by Chin Yee
Dark/Before Geronimo arrives Persephone, Warehouse District
Collecting the Sheep
by Unknown & Jonas Barstow & Alden Loxley & Chin Yee & Abigail Preston
Evening/dark Persephone, Warehouse District
Fancy meeting you here
by Ayla Seton & Katerina Kutsarova
Day after leaving Albion Kat's Shuttle

Mission Summary