Departments & Positions

  • Geronimo's Crew (Primary Manifest)

    This ragtag group of mercenaries and civilians call the Geronimo home, whether permanently or temporarily.

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  • The Locals (Primary Manifest)

    A vital part of the 'Verse, these folks range in stature from Magistrates of planets and moons to the average person on the street. Each one is important to the Geronimo, in their own way.

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  • The Alliance (Primary Manifest)

    Founding at the joining of the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, the Union of Allied Planets, known as the Alliance, governs all descendants of Earth-That-Was. Though their grip is strongest within the Core Planets, their presence is felt on every planet in the 'Verse, one way or another. These people serve as their agents in one capacity or another.

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