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Cassian Grimshaw

Name Cassian Grimshaw

Position Shepherd

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 170lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description As a hardworking everyman, Cassian is average in almost every way. Neither clean shaven nor scruffy, Cassian projects an image of temperance to match his way of life. He is lean and muscular from manual labor within the abbey where he turned away from his wicked ways. Though not quick to smile, his eyes are forever kind.


Brother(s) Boniface "Boney" Grimshaw

Personality & Traits

General Overview Cassian is a new man. As a child, he was rowdy and rambunctious, but that led him down a path of wickedness with his worldly brother. He spent his post-adolescence stifling his personality in order to better himself and find forgiveness in his newfound faith. In time, he struck a balance between his pursuit of righteousness and his natural extroversion, which makes him either shy or outspoken but seldom in between. Despite his strong beliefs, he is not typically one to judge others due to his former criminal life. As such, he is often quick to check his attitude and behavior, but in the end follows his heart if he believes it is right.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Charitable

Ambitions Cassian desperately wishes to reform his twin brother, which means he must keep him alive long enough for that to happen. Sharing the Good Book with whomever will listen is his new life’s mission.
Hobbies & Interests Though finding solace in the Holy Scriptures, Cassian finds joy in simple tasks like cooking, gardening, and essentially any odd job that will keep his hands from being idle. When cooped up for long periods, he puts his energy into rigorous exercise regimens. He has a keen eye and ear for art, but has never had the opportunity to pursue that path.

Personal History Born on Albion in squalid poverty, Cassian and his twin brother Boniface, aka “Boney”, barely survived childbirth - a feat their mother did not. Their father, a single parent who worked double shifts just to make ends meet, did little for Cassian than teach him to search for happiness at the bottom of a bourbon bottle.

Never one to be idle, Cassian was always exploring the fringes of their impoverished community just for the love of new sights and sounds. His rowdy personality got him into trouble more than a few times, which eventually taught him to keep his mouth shut.
While he was the explorer type, his brother Boniface was a born outlaw. The two brothers were inseparable, which meant Cassian was always tagging along with his evil twin, with Boney performing acts of crime and Cassian plotting their escape.

Luck would run out, though, and Cassian failed them both. When the teenage Grimshaw Twins finally ran afoul of the police and were both bound by law, the Dover Magistrate gave them deferred sentencing by allowing them to enter the Order of the Shepherds’ Glastening Abbey in the rural countryside. Cassian saw this as a sign from above and vowed to change his ways. The years at the monastery were difficult for him, as he often got into trouble alongside his brother. By the time they turned 21, though, Boniface left the monastery to pursue his natural desires, leaving Cassian to nothing but the abbot and his fellow disciples.
It was a long road with many twists and turns. Cassian first resented himself for choosing his newfound faith over his twin brother. His religious studies soon turned that resentment away from himself and toward Boniface.

Spending a few years apart certainly strengthened that toxic sentiment. In time, though, maturity blossomed into wisdom, showing Cassian that he and his brother, like all men and women, were products of their choices--which meant his mission was not to judge people for bad choices, but to show them what good ones looked like.

In his last year as a senior disciple (right before being anointed as a full Sheperd), Cassian gained privileges to venture back into the city for monastery duties. He eventually reconnected with his brother, who had almost but not quite become a man in his own right. What was supposed to be a glorious reunion and spiritual reconciliation turned into yet another escapade of the Grimshaw Twins running for their lives from armed bad men bent on their demise. Cassian has been running ever since, which is not how he envisioned his first missionary journey.