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Name Ace

Position Pilot

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 5"
Weight 168
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and skinny with long curly black hair and blue eyes. His skin is pale and he is rail thin. He wears his hair long down to his shoulders full of curls. Always has a cigarette in his mouth and a drink in his hand when possible.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Herman is essentially a smart talking drug using alcoholic. He's also a complete wise ass and always has something smart to say. He's interested primarily in his own self preservation above pretty much everything else.

He is also an exceptional pilot, if it wasn't for the aforementioned character flaws he'd still be flying for the Alliance. Does not care about sides or loyalty or morality, all he cares about is getting paid.

The only thing he really hates is if you call him by his first name, which he keeps a secret. Goes by the nickname 'ACE'. Which was his callsign in the Alliance Fleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Excellent Pilot
+ Intelligent
+ Quick Reflexes
+ Funny

- Unlikable
- Drug and Alcohol User
- Erratic
- Not good with weapons or self defense
Ambitions To make enough damn credits to get to the next bar.

Personal History Ace was born to a very wealthy family in the core worlds to a neglectful mother and father who were always too busy for him. Thus he was raised by Nannys and servants. As he got older and the he required less supervision he began getting into more and more trouble. His rebellious streak eventually got him kicked out of the three different private schools. His father at this point told him he could either join the Allience or he would be disowned and cut off. So reluctantly he joined and trained to be a pilot which he discovered he was very good at.

He was an ASREV pilot for four years until his drinking got the best of him. He showed up drunk and high for duty, punched his CO and was quickly reprimanded and booted from the service. He was then disowned and cutoff by his father and told never to return.

The next couple years were a blur for him as he found his way from one planet to the next, doing odd pilot jobs and making just enough money to get to the bar and spend it all on whatever hooch the locals were selling.

His last job ended on Albion and the Captain did not not want him back. So stranded there Ace is forced to find a job before the rest of his booze money runs out.
Service Record Four Years as a ASREV Pilot in the Alliance Fleet