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Kindra Graham

Name Kindra Armstrong Graham

Position Companion

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description First impressions would lean toward elegant and serene. Kindra is slim, with brown skin, her long dark brown curls usually worn loose, although in formal occasions or for convenience she might wear it up or in plait. She dresses in flowing and form-fitting attire as befits the occasion and her station. Kindra's lithe figure and symmetric features lend her the conventional beauty expected of a companion.


Spouse none
Children none
Father Father: Kinmont William Armstrong (location unknown)
Mother Siobhan Graham (deceased)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Stepfather: Walter Scott Buccleuch (deceased)
StepMother: Margaret Ker Buccleuch
Stepbrother: James Walter Buccleuch (17 years older than Kindra)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kindra is kind and empathetic, even nurturing at times. She will naturally attempt to sooth social tension and may speak in the lyrical cadence of the frontier to blend in rather than the grammatically precise Core dialect she grew up with.

She takes the responsibility and mission of her vocation seriously. Kindra does not flaunt any aspect of her training or use it for inappropriate or salacious purpose. She does not take kindly to insults to her profession.

Kindra is fully cognizant of her privileged upbringing and makes a concerted effort to understand the motivations and attitudes of others, but may fail out of ignorance and inexperience with the harsher aspects of life in the 'verse. Outside of high society, she lacks the sort of 'street smarts' that might be considered second nature to those raised in less advantageous circumstances.

Her awareness is often so focused on others, that she may be unaware of her own mental and emotional state.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Empathetic
+ Compassionate
+ adept at reading body language and emotions of others
- Naïve about the harsh realities that affect the non-privileged
- oblivious to her own emotions
Ambitions Until recent events led her to Geronimo, Kindra had planned to live an exemplary life as a companion, avoiding her mother's mistakes. Now, she hopes to avoid her stepbrother's wrath, find her real father and unravel her stepbrother's plans – after she figures out what they are.
Hobbies & Interests Kindra appreciates art in a wide variety of forms. She is an accomplished harpist, singer, and storyteller. In her guild training she excelled in psychology, languages, dance, and martial arts. Her daily exercise routine is as much about fitness as meditation and religious ritual.

Personal History Kindra's mother Siobhan Graham was a companion, and her father Kinmont William Armstrong was a rancher on Persephone. Kindra's mother never did explain the circumstances of her conception and birth, or why her father abruptly fled to the border worlds, abandoning Liddesdale ranch and his baby daughter.

A few months later, Kindra's mother committed to an exclusive, long-term contract with Kinmont's close friend Walter Buccleuch and his wife Margaret. Kindra grew up on the Buccleuch estate, beloved and raised jointly by Siobhan, Margaret, and Walter with every advantage the Buccleuch wealth could provide. Kindra rarely crossed paths with Walter and Margaret's son James, seventeen years her elder, away at University on Londinium for the first few years, then busy with his own business pursuits thereafter.

At the age of twelve, Kindra chose study with Companion House Madrassa on Sihnon. This choice was encouraged by Siobhan and supported by Margaret, but conflicted with Walter's plans to legally adopt Kindra, and eventually sponsor Kindra into Core society.

Two years later, the Unification war began. In Madrassa house Kindra was largely buffered from events in the 'verse. James Buccleuch became a high-ranking Alliance officer. Siobhan's loyalties, and the allegiances of those associated with her, were called into question when rumor circulated that Kinmont-Willie Armstrong was still alive and a ranking Browncoat officer.

One year before the Unification war ended, when Kindra was eighteen and still safely ensconced in Madrassa, her mother was found dead on the Buccleuch estate under suspicious circumstances that were never fully resolved.

When the unification war ended, Walter and Margaret brought Siobhan's ashes to Sihnon, to be interred at Madrassa Companion House columbarium according to Siobhan's wishes. During this visit Walter tried again to convince Kindra to abandon her companion training, but she remained dedicated and entered the final phase of her education.

For the last five years, Kindra has pursued her chosen vocation. Just recently the murder of her stepfather Walter and the contents of his will have made keeping a low profile and staying out of her stepbrother's sights aboard the Geronimo an attractive prospect.

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