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Lilly Underwood

Name Lilly Abigail Underwood

Position Passenger

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5”6’
Weight 117lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Ice-Blue
Physical Description Lilly is a bit gangly in appearance. Some might say a tad sickly. The latter is only because of her natural ivory skin. Her hair is cut short and shaggy most times, though she has a few wigs to vary her options.

Her wardrobe is just as diverse from fine, high-end threads to greasemonkey attire. Most of the time, she tends to have a lived-in look. Baggy pants, long-tan peacoat, and loose-fitting blouses with vests.

This all to hide her high-tech ballistic undershirt and concealed 9mm Halodan pistol and a kukri.

To a naked eye, Lilly is harmless, oblivious of the world around here. A deckhand that is good at her job and gives no reason to warrant a second glance. Someone the 'verse doesn’t rightly care to notice. To a trained eye, one can tell she listens well and is adept at observing without being intrusive, as well as blending in.


Father Lieutenant Thomas Underwood (Died at Serenity Valley)
Mother Eva Underwood (Missing Since Serenity Valley)
Other Family Doctor Marcus Grint (62)

Personality & Traits

General Overview While Lilly was trained in the subtle arts in the killing, she never liked it. Still doesn't. The former trainee operative instead, prefers the life of a hacker.

This means she can be a tad abrasive at times when she is being herself. Due to her conditioning, she can fake empathy while in cover, but she does not actually have the ability to read the emotions of others. She knows she wants a life away from The Alliance, and thus she uses her years of training to mimic behaviors of those around her as a means of blending in.

While she was trained to show no fear, the fear always comes back in her dreams. Thus she doesn't sleep well, thus she tends to be ornery and intolerable on occasion. Lilly uses various drugs (stolen) to limit these mood swings, for she fears being found out one day if these quirks get out of hand.

Lilly’s true personality is built on cynicism. Years of abuse and memory-removal/mental conditioning have made her skeptical of everyone’s motives. Even when people do something nice for her.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Good With Firearms and Melee Weapons
+ Extremely Knowledgeable On Poisons
+ Expert with Codes
+ Good at Sewing
+ Good With Explosives

+/- Not Afraid to Take Risks

- Suffers Insomnia
- Acute PTSD
- Lacks Empathy of Others
Ambitions Lilly wants to find out who she was, who her family is, and if they still live.
Hobbies & Interests Lilly fences when she can. That, or practices shooting. She knows nothing else, but she is gradually opening up to what those around her enjoy.

Personal History Technically, Lilly Underwood never existed up until two months after "The Signal" was sent out. Who Lilly used to be, was a partially-trained Alliance Operative. We'll refer to her as, "The Trainee Operative".

The Trainee Operative was born on a planet she no longer has memories of, but recent bio screenings from a Browncoat sympathizer (Doctor Marcus Grint), pin-point to New Melbourne, given bone marrow mineral tests. The Alliance saw to it to remove most identifying markers from this young woman.

There is but one thing The Alliance forgot to remove, which was her surgical scar where her appendix was taken out. New Melbourne not having many doctors, is pretty easy to get the medical information on children with appendectomies.

What Lilly learned from those record searches is that her identity was erased from the database. However, there was a note was on a child’s permanent record that matches her initial skillset - a child prodigy at computers, hardware, and hacking. Who Lilly once was, had gotten into a load of trouble with The Alliance when she was 15. Failing to clean her tracks well, Alliance marshals had her arrested for stealing Alliance credits and transferred her to the Trainee Operative Program on Poseidon.

Because she was a juvenile at the time, she only has a case number to work with: AM-9305-JR-NM-8453-0744. Unsealing this record will allow her to unlock who her parents really are, what her real name is, and the full details of the hack she was arrested for. But to do so, would mean breaking into a high-security Alliance Military facility.

Be as it is, Lilly and many others in her program escaped the facility on Poseidon two days after The Signal. Not everyone in the program was done drinking the Kool-Aid though. But most were liberated with the aid of former Browncoats and their sympathizers.

Lilly was fashioned as soon as The Trainee Operative had done her due diligence research on New Melbourne. If that was the planet she was from biologically, then she decided to create a new life based on that.

Doctor Marcus Grint helped Lilly get on a long list of medications to help with her sporadic mood changes, as well as detail the extent of the neurological damage (which luckily was mostly emotionally and memory-related).

This underground group quickly sent the former trainee operatives out into the ‘verse with new lives, identities, and jobs. Lilly was the last to leave since she had been in the facility the longest and had many unknown drugs in her system to still purge.

Doctor Grint eventually released Lilly and urged her not to do anything that would get her noticed. So after two months of rehab, counseling, and training, she arrived on Persephone a new person.

Lilly did not like having to work long hours with little pay on the Eavesdown Docks. So, she wrote a clever program and put it into the Dun Si Warehouse company’s computers. She earned an extra twenty credits a week, for which she saved.

Lilly also bought things slowly, so as not to be noticed. A spy kit, to be exact. Bullets, a pretty shiny pistol, fabrics to make shiny clothing on-the-cheap. She even refurbished a fancy, high-tech cortex tablet computer that some Persphone noble person dumped because of a cracked screen. So now she has a secured machine to remote-hack.

Living the life of a minimalist, she was able to stockpile quite a bit of Alliance credits, hoping for that one day for her to leave the Alliance behind.