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Katerina Kutsarova

Name Katerina Kutsarova

Position Companion

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 125 Lbs
Hair Color Brown and Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Kat is the picture of impossible beauty excelling any around her. It isn't obvious for most people who meet her that she is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside because her outside is so intimidating. Her face looks like it's been shaped by artists and her smile is warm and confident, though measured by a fair amount of obvious introversion. Her eyes are a deep warm dark brown that conveys her mood more effectively than any other feature on her face. Her figure is legendarily shapely and fit and she often wears clothing that makes no effort to hide these assets. Because she is stunningly curvacious and beautiful, the most common response people have upon meeting her is barely-controlled staring. Her on-duty fashion leans toward the tight and the sparse and she is known for her pleasant perfumes which make her presence easily known in almost any room.

Kat's voice is gentle and warm with a very slight Russian accent.


Father Vladamir Kutsarova
Mother Nadya Kutsarova
Brother(s) Vasily

Personality & Traits

General Overview Beneath Kat's quiet shyness is an intensely emotional person. She doesn't often express herself and is typically more keen to listen than to talk, but when she speaks, she has a charm that matches her outward appearance. Though she is young, she is a woman of great quiet passion with a skill for listening and compassion that sets her above many other counselors and friends. She is not a stranger to laughter, pain, genuineness, or kindness, but longs to balance those skills with a greater ability to shut her emotions away. She is constantly aware of those around her and is typically much more interested in learning about others than in sharing herself and isn't a fan of formality or social tension of any kind.

Kat is used to being judged by her appearance and even more accustomed to being treated as a special person for it; her self esteem often fluctuates despite the attention from others. One cannot often tell what she is thinking or feeling merely by looking at her, and some have inferred by this that she is empty headed, but she has a keen and sharply observant mind that recognizes details and sizes people up. Much to the grief of many, Kat is a fiercely independent person who can often be unpredictable. She goes where the wind blows her, and she goes where she wants to go. She is an adventurer at heart, and she loves to feel adrenaline coursing through her veins. This means she is prone to taking risks and can get pretty intense when it comes to competitions of any kind.

Despite her many flaws, Kat is a kind and genuine soul. She speaks with a soft, calm, and soothing voice that is known to draw in even those who have the hardest times trusting. Her aim is to heal and to help bring to all she comes in contact with life to the fullest; in mind; in body; in soul.
Strengths & Weaknesses [+] Charming
[+] Sensitive to Others
[+] Imaginative
[+] Passionate
[+] Curious
[+] Artistic

[-] Fiercely Independent
[-] Unpredictable
[-] Easily Stressed
[-] Overly Competitive
[-] Fluctuating Self Esteem
Ambitions Instead of looking toward the future, Kat is more oriented toward her current experiences. She wishes to improve herself and ensure the well-being of those around her. She dreams of meeting the right man and settling down one day, but seldom lingers on this desire.
Hobbies & Interests Kat loves to read a good novel and do yoga. Her favorite way to relax is with a bottle of wine, some paint, and a huge canvas. She never misses an opportunity to go skinny dipping in the nearest body of water.

Personal History Though she was born on Sihnon, Kat grew up on Bellerophone. Her father, Vladamir, was a prominent business leader; her mother was a young waitress, impregnated by Vladamir during their first meeting at a local restaurant. Naturally, his wife, Nadya was thrilled.

After Kat was born, her birth mother left her with her father and ran away. Raised by her father and adoptive mother, Kat became everything that her upbringing made her. Her father was a very wealthy man and her adoptive mother was his beautiful trophy. She grew up surrounded by mob-like figures at a time when politics and business on Bellerophone were becoming increasingly corrupt. She noticed that her father's business kept getting stronger and strong while all his competitors seemed to leave the market. She also noticed that those dangerous men who were a symbol of corruption seemed to always be following her father's orders. After much wheeling, dealing, and killing Vladamir became one of the most powerful men on the planet through wealth, conquest, and murder in all but name. They had virtually every major business under their protection in some form and nearly every politician in their pockets, and it looked like no one could stop them.

Kat was more like a princess than her civilian status suggested and, as her father's only daughter, she could do no wrong. Though Kat remained curious about her father's business, he was determined to never let her take part. Instead, she watched her older brothers grow and become quite the gangsters. They were fiercely competent, and what's more, as ruthless as their father. She had always looked up to her brothers, something that would change as years went on.

A "proper lady in every respect" was what Kat was expected to be. She was to be clean, clever, strong, and sexy; these were traits she embodied with uncommon precision. She had a simple and delicately beautiful face, a perfect body, and long brown hair. She was very naive and knew very little about how the world actually worked; she had always been sheltered from such things. Her coming of age was prompted when she turned 12 and was sent to gain prestige for her family by becoming a companion.

Kat was sent to the Companion house on Londinium to begin training, which included a well-rounded education and years of physical discipline, religious study, and the arts. She was taught dance, martial arts, calligraphy, how to play musical instruments, and singing. She graduated after undergoing rigorous testing on all subjects, and then was taught the art of love play.

After her graduation, Kat was soon set up with a group of companions who walked the halls of power at the center of the alliance, giving pleasure to the most powerful men alive and reaping the benefits, money, and influence that brings. She joined them and, within a year, she was the favorite among them. She stayed in this place for several years, much to her father's joy, but eventually grew board and started feeling an overriding feeling of meaninglessness. She wanted to travel and feel alive, so she decided to find a position more to her liking and left it all behind.