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Abigail Preston

Name Abigail Preston

Position Mercenary

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 177cm
Weight 57kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall and slim, with very feminine build, thin and wiry, with long legs. She usually keeps half-ironic, half-seductive grin on her lips. Usually her log blond hairs are let loose and her observant eyes glint with a taunt. She moves gracefully, soft, seemingly relaxed, and annoyingly noiseless.


Father John Preston (presumed dead)
Mother Allison Baxter (deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Abigail most of the time is friendly and direct, with dry sense of humor, has sometimes over the top seductive tone in her behavior, and she seemingly always like to taunt people. A lot of it is a pose, and there is also another, more composed, focused, colder and professional side of Abigail that shows in combat or during intense flying.

She isn't quick to trust but when she does, she can be a loyal friend. She likes to challenge herself, she likes a good brawl and never backs away from a gunslinger challenge. Abigail is communal, things like privacy and decency have little meaning to her, and she enjoys creative chaos.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Gunslinger
+ Agile
+ Sharpshooter
+ Durable
+ Awareness

- Bruiser
- Taunting
- Hedonist
- Mechanically inept
- Egoistic
Ambitions Be the best gunslinger, do not regret life decisions, have fun.
Hobbies & Interests Flying, shooting, martial arts, acrobatics, brawling, sex, meditation.
On one hand Abigail enjoys training, improving, being better, challenge herself and can be very serious when pursuing those... on the other hand she can be free-spirited and silly while she enjoys looking nice, feeling good, and having fun.

Personal History Abigail was born on Shadow and grew up in a commune of whores in a mid-sized town. There was no privacy in her early years, she had lots of mothers, sisters and brothers, she tended to be wild and free. She learned very early about sex and all the intricacies and lack thereof in relationships. Her mother was the brothel owner and to an extend Abigail was shielded from the worst aspects of her mom's work, allowing her to be free and enamored by her father.

John Preston, Abigail's father, was a gunslinger and one of the best around. Handsome, charming and quickdraw. Lived of bounty hunting but he loved her daughter and was regularly showing up, teaching Abigail about guns and spoiling her. So of course, Abigail wanted to be like him... a gunslinger. Something that her mother wasn't really approving but seemed to prefer over her following mother's line of work.

Abigail run away from home when she was 10 to join her father. Surprised, he wanted to send her away but eventually, lonely, allowed to stay with him. It wasn't as easy as Abigail though and learned the hard way that bounty hunting wasn't an easy job. At age 14, for the first time she outdrew her father, a feat that no one did so far. From that point on, she worked with her father as equal, becoming a bounty hunter in her own right and a gunslinger. It was also the time where "Baby" nickname stuck to her, even though she persistently wanted to be called "Maverick".

She was 16 when Unification War erupted. Young and naive, Abigail wanted to go and fight, but her father, and opportunist interested in own self-preservation, was against. They had a fight and Abigail left him to join the war, lying about her true age at the recruiting office.

It was nothing like she expected. She fought first three years in the army, in the trenches, becoming a sharpshooter and a sniper. Skilful at killing, and trying to protect friends, Abigail was losing herself in the war more and more. She eventually was sent on a short officer's course and given the commission. Not wanting to go back to the trenches, Abigail volunteered to be a pilot and for the last two years of war she was flying with the navy. And she was good at it, natural even. One of the youngest, bravest, she was quickly recognized for her flying skills. She flew mostly ASREVs, and at later stages also gunships and couriers. It was toward the end of the war where she was extensively flying as a blockade runner with supplies and doing CASEVAC.

The end of the war came, and Abigail learned that her mother and most of her family was dead, bombed by the Alliance. Her father was nowhere to be seen, presumed dead. To that, almost all the friends she had died in war. This was a turning point for Abigail that also broke her, and she spent almost a year drinking and brawling all over the verse unable to cope.

A year after the war, Abigail got the job on Athens, helping to train pilots of a new unit that was to support invasion of a progressive community wanting to take resource-rich lands from natives adhering to some ancient culture. While doing that, she was caught in a battle, wounded, she was found and taken care by the natives. Abigail joined them, drawn to another lost cause, training natives against the invasion. At the same time, Abigail learned about martial arts, code of honor, and zen philosophy. For two years, Abigail was part of the native’s guerrilla war but the conflict was lost and the natives were forced to leave their lands. Abigail stayed with them for a while, learning more and gaining inner peace for the first time since beginning of the Unification War.

Eventually, driven by her restless nature, Abigail left Athens, wiser and more egoistic than ever before, but also happy first since a long time. For next three years she was taking up on different jobs, as a gunslinger, a pilot, a bounty hunter and a mercenary.