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Chin Yee

Name Chin Yee

Position Mercenary

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human - Chinese
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5’ 5”
Weight 140
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Chin is in excellent health and a wonderful example of a young oriental man in his prime. He walks confidently always aware of what is taking place around him. That is unless he is in disguise to blend in with the riff-raff.


Father Tang Yee
Mother Sun Yee
Sister(s) Tien Siu Yee
Bing Chi Yee

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chin Yee is on the run. After being falsely accused of crimes on Greenleaf. Choosing to fight the system would only bring a backlash of problems onto his family. He was advised by his mother to flee and bring justice to their name on a later day. Chin uses the alias ‘Chang’ from time to time as he fights against crime like a vigilante, taking what he needs from the wicked he comes across.
Strengths & Weaknesses Physically strong and skilled in martial arts; using sword and throwing knives/stars. Bright and educated with experience in electronics and flying aero-vehicles. He is good at slight of hand and tricking people.
He fears for his mother and sister’s lives. He so desparetly wants to contact them, but knows that if he does then they will be manipulated and punished.
Ambitions Chin has a long term plan. He wants to get away, make a fortune, and then come back to Greenleaf and take down the Reinheart family in the way that will hurt them the most.
Hobbies & Interests Chin has a fascination with ‘slight of hand’, commonly referred to as magic. With playing cards and coins, he can make things appear and disappear. From time to time, he uses this skill to his own advantage, but only from those that don’t need it.

Personal History Raised to be conservative and family oriented, Chin Yee was taught to think of other’s first and to take care of his younger sisters. From a very early age, his father taught him Kung Fu, as his father had taught him. His father is in charge of security for a very rich and well connected family, the Reinhearts. The rest of the Yee family also live in the Reinheart compound on Greenleaf. As children, Chin even played with the Reinheart boys, since they were close to his age. There was a falling out during their teen years when Chin was blamed for breaking something that he had no part.

At 18 Chin went away to technical school, learning about computers, electronic/electrical systems, and learning to fly aero-vehicles.

While home for a visit with his family, Chin stepped into the wrong room at the wrong time. He was accused of something he witnessed others doing. Running from authorities and on his own at age 21 is not easy to do.

Now at 22 Chin Yee is still fleeing the authorities for a crime he did not commit. He has been making his way to the outer planets; working as a technician or body guard. Along the way he has done some things his father would look down upon. Chin has never taken advantage of the weak or poor, but actually helps them when he can.