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Jonas Barstow

Name Jonas Dayton Barstow

Position Security

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 4”
Weight 214 lbs.
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Jonas Barstow 1 Jonas usually dresses in brown tones so that he can blend in with the rest of the working population as much as his tanned frame will allow. He keeps his long hair in braided locks and will sometimes pull it back. He takes care of himself physically because you never know when you’ll need to fight. He has a scar on one eyebrow due to a bar brawl a couple of years ago when a broken beer glass was taken to his face. The other guy, not so lucky. Note: you can insult his momma all you want. But don’t mess with the hair. He also sports a goatee.


Spouse None
Children None…to his knowledge
Father Last known whereabouts – somewhere on a Core world.
Mother Last known whereabouts – somewhere on a Core world.
Brother(s) Last known whereabouts – somewhere on a Core world.
Sister(s) None.
Other Family Scattered throughout Core planets.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonas has his quiet and reflective moments, but those are few and far between. He’d rather talk and get it all out in the open. He doesn’t talk about his past, though. Or what’s happening in his life currently, for that matter. When it comes to himself, he can be a closed book. He’ll sometimes feign stupidity or ignorance if it gets him an edge. Jonas has a sense of humor that borders on sarcasm. Though he has been known to cross that border on a regular basis. One personality quirk that developed early on was his incessant questioning. Jonas didn’t just ask ‘why’ all the time, he questioned the status quo. He has landed in hot water a few times because he still questions it today.
Strengths & Weaknesses + knows his way around firearms
+ can hold his own in a [dirty] fight
+/- his moral compass doesn’t always point north
- blunt and straight shooting
- engine mechanics
Ambitions The next payday, which brings the next meal and another day of survival in this god-forsaken ‘verse.
Hobbies & Interests weapons and arms, good and fresh foods (which isn’t easy to come by)

Personal History Jonas Barstow was born on Ariel to a hard working Alliance family. He had everything that a newborn Alliance baby could have. But as he grew, a personality quirk developed that had his parents worried. Jonas would question everything. At the age of sixteen, he began asking questions in school. Questions that came about while they were studying the history of Unification Day. Questions that caused the instructor to alert school leadership. Questions that nearly got him sent to a special Alliance school. Nearly, because Jonas ran away before his parents could send him to what he called a re-education and indoctrination school. He was questioning the status quo and was about to be corrected by the people who had written the textbooks.

Jonas packed what he could carry in a shoulder bag and talked his way onto cargo ship. He told the captain that he’d been apprenticing with a chef when he heard that ship was in need of a cook. Well, someone to make the food taste better at least. No matter how hard he tried, Jonas couldn’t conceal his trickery long. The captain and crew chalked it up to a rookie on a ship with little to work with. But the evening meal wasn’t any different. Rather than turn back and be late on their delivery, they briefly stopped at Persephone and dropped the sixteen year old Jonas off at the Maze. He lived hand-to-mouth for a couple of years until one of the vendors took him in.

Jonas worked hard, built a reputation, and learned how to take care of himself on the streets. He eventually started taking jobs that would lead to him becoming a hired gun. Jonas continued to mature and began taking mercenary jobs off planet. Each time, he would return to Persephone and the Eavesdown Docks. He was doing well enough until a certain wave was broadcast that changed things all over the place. No one knew who to trust anymore and jobs for his specific skill set were becoming scarce on Persephone. Jonas Barstow would take any job he could get so as to have enough credits for his next couple of meals. It was after a particular one that he decided it was probably time to get out of the world and into the black. Maybe there were better jobs out there.
Service Record As a mercenary or hired gun, Jonas likes to keep his record of jobs and services to himself. Not too many folks take an interest in how many jobs he has to his name. At least, those that aren’t looking to hire him.