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Dr. Moira Dun

Name Dr. Moira Robin Dun

Position Doctor

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 28

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3
Weight 125
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description A relatively short woman with an angular face and thick, curly, shoulder length hair that is almost always tucked behind her ears but never tied up. She carries herself with a cheerful disposition, usually, and has small gold piercings in each ear. She's often seen wearing sunglasses when on-planet. Her attire is usually simple, often denim, and more what you'd expect from a farmer than a doctor.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Art Dun
Mother Mabel Dun (maiden name: Mabel Ferris)
Brother(s) Lionel Dun; he moved off planet when she was still young to pursue a law degree, instead of caring for the farm. She only has disdain for that decision, and doesn't mention him.
Sister(s) None
Other Family None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Comes off as rather cheerful and noncommittal. She's very pacifistic (she forces herself to be - but if it came down to it she'd have no hesitation protecting herself) and refuses to use a gun. She tells everyone that the reason she's just travelling around is to go birdwatching on each planet. Still, she rarely trusts anyone or lets her actual worries show.
Strengths & Weaknesses Very intelligent. Trained in veterinary medicine in college, then in human medicine to train as a doctor for the Alliance. Some minor training in rifles, for hunting and keeping out pests in her farm growing up.

Her pacifism is one of her biggest weaknesses; she pretty much refuses to use a gun. She is also not really hardened to combat, and doesn't always take things seriously. She's also quite greedy when it comes to money and has problems trusting. She is also embarrassed about her past, and how she never finished vet school or couldn't find contentment as a doctor or couldn't save her family's farm - so instead of admitting to those things she often tries to steer the truth away from her purpose. While she doesn't ever technically lie (not counting lies of omission) she is far from being honest and upfront.
Ambitions She idealizes farm life; she wants to earn enough money to start a farm, away from the central planets and away from the Alliance (will she actually do that, knowing that no farm will feel like her childhood home? probably not, but that's what she tells herself). She needs money for that, and so wants to be rich. She also just wants a bit of adventure.
Hobbies & Interests Birdwatching is her primary hobby. She can also be found reading quite often. She is fond of animals and anything living. She is also a fan of her profession, and does take joy out of learning about and talking about medicine.

Personal History Grew up as a farmer on Highgate; went to university on Londinium to study veterinary (farm animal) medicine but after running out of money joined the Alliance fleet to finish her education, albeit in human medicine, as a doctor. After leaving the Alliance (she served as a medical officer for four years) and finding her parent's farm now sold and developed she is looking for a job as a doctor on a smaller ship, hoping to find her way to the outer planets where she could establish herself with a homestead and veterinary work. (However; she is a bit embarrassed by how poorly she has stuck to her life's plans, and as a suspicious person herself always expects others to be suspicious of her intentions - why would a good doctor move out to the middle of nowhere to start a farm - so she lies and says that she's just travelling for birdwatching, instead)

During her time as a student on Londinium, Moira proved to be competitive and nearly cold-hearted in her studies. She was there on scholarship and would do anything to keep her position. After her family's struggle with money which ended with her enlisting as an medical officer, she grew to value money probably more than is healthy. During her time with the Alliance, she began to idealize her farm and rural planet in her mind, and when she got home to see that it had been sold she decided that she wouldn't live anywhere, if not her farm. It was a stubborn decision but that stubbornness is what keeps her on the move. After idealizing life as a farmer she tends to dislike both the Alliance and Independents to an extent (but more so the Alliance and urban planets), and tries to portray herself as 'just a cheerful farm girl' as a means of starting over.
Service Record 4 years working as a medical officer for the Alliance, on a big ship - never actively deployed.